Custom Longboard

Now and then I am fed up with sitting behind a desk. At those times I start looking for new, cool physical projects. Wood is a very nice medium to work with, and and nothing beats creating your very own transportation.
So I started making my own longboard from scratch. I bought thin layered birch wood to create a multiplex board. I cut the final shape of the board with a decent bleed and pasted the different layers together. Unfortunately no work in progress shots were taken, so here is the result! These packshots give a pretty good impression of the dimensions.

I did not have a clue as to what I was going to put on the back of the longboard, so I just started sketching on the wood. The final illustration was done with different sizes of black markers. The illustration i drew wasn’t really planned. I just started sketching and by the time i was pleased with the pencil drawn result, i used waterproof markers. To top it all of the board has a matte coat varnish, to protect the illustration and the wood against water and dirt.

I used the remaining part of birch for the melting moon project.

Created using: Wood, pencil, black marker

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